Kaabah 2 Riyal Trailers

KAABAH 2 RIYAL is a story about Zahrin who is on the road of making his almost perfect life. Once he performs Hajj with his family this year, he will achieve his ultimate life goal. However, in his excitement to perform Hajj, he completely forgets that he has not make peace with his brother whom he is ashamed of to even acknowledge his existence to his wife.However when his dream of going Hajj, which seem to be possible suddenly turns impossible – the brother that he has stopped trusting and is very shameful of comes forward to offer the chance to make his life perfect once again. His brother is more than willing to pay for all his Hajj expenses but in return he wants Zahrin to forgive him and perform his only wish. Will Zahrin forgive his brother? What is his brother’s wish? Is Zahrin willing to fulfill the wish of the brother that he is ashamed of to achieve his ultimate life goal?

Telemovie : Kaabah 2 Riyal
Starring : Nadiya Nisaa, Shah Iskandar, Nick Mikhail
Producer : Wahyu Rahman
Writer/Director : Adi Yadoni
Editor: Rajindran
DOP: Shahrezza Zuhri
Produced By Elements Pictures for Mediacorp Suria

Papa Kool Episode 6 Trailer

Papa Kool is an anthology series of everything fatherhood has been and everything it will be.These 6 episodes of half an hour series revolves around 6 main characters who are fathers, coming from diverse generations and background. Each episode will highlight on the various qualities of a father’s love, all relating to one focal point – the importance of a father’s existence and influence in our lives.

Programme Title : Papa Kool
Episodic Title : Adanya Papa
Producer : Wahyu Rahman
Director : Adi Yadoni
Produced by Elements Pictures for Ain Society